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UNOde50 was born at the turn of the last century in Madrid, Spain. Deeply intertwined with the mind and hands of its creator Jose Azulay, UNOde50 offers a Unique concept in Jewellery through the personality and originality of its Designs.

From the very first piece to the latest one, UNOde50 remains true to its artistic spirit and creative line making every collection so recognisable. Each piece being handcrafted from start to end by the same Expert Artisan.

"Our mission is to create unique, handmade pieces of jewellery that our customers can use to express their own personality."

UNOde50 is a unique concept, a brand with its own personality. It has been able to break all the moulds of traditional jewellery thanks to the originality of its pieces while maintaining a handcrafted, “Made in Spain” production process.

Jose and his design team are constantly seeking out new sources of creativity and inspiration. Although the brand’s personality is very well defined, we are always looking for new designs that inspire our customers. Nature, emotions and life itself are the sources that continuously inspire our collections.

We strive to be a brand that is “always on”, one that has a close relationship with its customers. We want to provide them with daily content that inspires and motivates them to interact with UNOde50.

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