Cutting-Edge Spanish jewellery brand UNOde50 enters the Australian and New Zealand market

UNOde50 is the newest addition to Timesupply's stable of unique and distinctively designed jewellery with outstanding quality and value.

"UNOde50 has a very unique design DNA – it is difficult to mistake for any other brand. It is bold and artistic and will appeal not only to those who know the brand from Europe but also to new customers, who are always looking for something special"

Javier Gala, CEO UNOde50, said, “UNOde50 is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Timesupply to service the Australian and New Zealand markets.

“Until now, UNOde50 has had a limited presence in the region. However, we are confident that our brand’s unique jewellery designs – timelessly fusing tradition with modernity and handcrafted quality – have great potential to appeal to a new group of consumers.”

Founded in Madrid in the 1990s, UNOde50 jewellery is handcrafted in Spain and has an existing retailer network spanning more than 45 countries.

It takes its name from the limited quantities of its first jewellery collections – just 50 pieces and its logo is a padlock, which represents the ‘protection of exclusive jewellery designs’.

Bold and unique UNOde50 is a true statement brand handmade in Spain and hugely popular throughout Europe and the US, soon to be available at retailers in AU and NZ.

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