October 02, 2019

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Nomination invites you to share and connect, “ONE FOR ME, ONE FOR YOU”!

Nomination features a message of connecting with others in their new campaign, “one for me, one for you” is a hymn to sharing. Link by Link, you can compose your story and enrich your Nomination bracelet by picking one for you, one for your loved ones.

Life is made up of relationships and unexpected encounters, day by day, piece by piece we meet very special people which fill our days. Add the links that represent your loved ones, the bond you share as well as the things you love and enjoy. Sharing a feeling, giving and receiving love is the only real way happiness is shared.

Share the love with new links and the new Nomination catchy campaign https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAaaZcDy-88.

The new composable links promote the attitude of sharing with special links that capture the encounters and adventures that is your life story- with split links such as “best friends”, “sisters forever”, “to infinity and beyond”, “you and me”.

Spring is in the air at Coeur de Lion

The beautiful new Spring Summer Coeur de Lion collection is about to be released at the Sydney International Jewellery Fair.

COEUR DE LION jewellery combines timeless design with unique materials and excellent workmanship. 

The new Australia New Zealand Spring Summer collection offers innovative designs and unique statement pieces with colourful evolution of the ever popular GEO CUBE range.

Stand E22 at the International Jewellery Fair
Sydney Aug 27-29th 2016