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From Soviet technology to European styling, high quality construction, cutting edge technology and extreme performance, Vostok-Europe offer collectors and watch fans an exciting and dynamic timepiece. 

All Vostok-Europe watches carry an international 1 year warranty, however if purchased from an authorised Australian or New Zealand retailer there is a 2 year warranty.

Based in Vilnius, Lithuania all Vostok-Europe watches are custom made and hand assembled by Lithuanian and Eastern European watchmakers. 


The models are named after great and glorious achievements in Soviet history such as the K-3 nuclear submarine, the N1-Rocket, and the Ekranoplan (the largest ground effect vehicle ever built). The best of Soviet and European technologies for modern watch design.

Vostok-Europe doesn't just make claims about their timepieces they put them to the test! For example the Lunokhod-2 Chrono has been tested in space. The watch was sent into the stratosphere to a maximal height of 16680 meters and was working in conditions of -44 C temperature, 88mB of vacuum and 1200mkR/h of radiation level. The Rocket N1 watches have been tested in the "deepest cave on earth". The Anchar watches have been tested at the Dakar Rally and the FMX World Championships.


Vostok-Europe for going to Extremes


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