Dansk Smykkekunst is now Dansk Copenhagen and is sporting a stylish new corporate image.

The name change from Dansk Smykkekunst to Dansk Copenhagen has simplified the brand recognition and makes it easy to identify it as a brand designed in Denmark.

The new name will make it easier for retailers who struggled with the pronunciation, although it will continue to be fondly known as ‘Dansk’.

The business, which was founded in 1971, also has a new logo and a marketing campaign based on the concepts of ‘sophistication, ambition, bravery and edge’.

The new direction will create a fresh look for exisiting customers but will also attract a younger market with an eye for style.

The collections will remain true to the Danish simple and elegant styling, but will have sleeker, more pared back designs in a variety of new finishes. The stylish new logo also gives a better representation of the unique and edgy jewellery designs from Dansk.



Rachael Abbott
Rachael Abbott